Krolo Enhansers

  • Uniquely designed Krolo Cone that incorporates dynamic spacing between two contact points
  • All elements are solid and CNC machined for precise accuracy
  • The Enhanser comes packaged in 3 Cone units
  • When placing Enhansers ALWAYS HAVE THE CONES FACING UP
  • Three Krolo Enhansers are required per Audio Gear which are strategically placed in a triangular pattern
  • They can support up to 200 lbs of audio gear
  • These support devices help to enhance and raise the sound stage
  • Once they are applied underneath your audio gear, you can begin to hear the little nuances and details in the music or  sound that were not present before
  • Vocals become more clear and transparent


All our products are proudly designed and manufactured in Canada with the closest attention to detail. Take a look at our manufacturing process.




$250 USD / 3 cone units

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Proudly Designed and Built in Canada

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