"It made one of the most significant upgrades in my system that I have experienced in many years."
Terry London, | HomeTheaterReview.com


"The system's reproduction of Keb' Mo' was the best I heard at RMAF, an almost ideal mix of speed, color, resolution, and realism! Likewise, Kije was reproduced with a timbre that was just right on brass, strings, and winds, while the bass was amazingly powerful, defined, and extended for a two-way. Because of the tiny size of the room MIT didn't get as much soundstage depth and width as I know this little giant of a loudspeaker is capable of. Frankly, this was one of only two rooms that produced a sound I recognized from my own system. I'm not going to announce my Best of Show winner on-line, but you can be sure that the Q1/Spectral/MIT room will be a finalist"

Jonathan Valin | RMAF 2013 MIT Cables Room


Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold loudspeakers, Audio Research amplification, and United Home Audio analog (tape) source components. This system could -- and at times did -- offer believable glimpses of the real thing, and who could ask for more?

Chris Martens | CES 2014 Show Report

"For the second year in a row, the award for Best Sound at the Show goes to Accent Music Technology Ltd., makers of the Nola Concert Grand Reference Gold ($197,000 per pair). On the third day of the gathering, legendary loudspeaker designer Carl Marchisotto, assisted by Audio Research electronics and a United Home Audio Phase 11 ($28,000) master tape player, put on the sonic equivalent of a Fourth of July light show. Voices and chords appeared all over the place: Michael Jackson called from offstage way over there; Santana toted his wailing guitar from deep right-center to main microphone; a member of an African chorus hovered spookily over Paul Simon's shoulder; previously unheard saxophone toots emerged from deep in the mix of "Black Magic Woman"; Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitar chords exploded and then wafted overhead. The whole time, my eyes were as wide as Little Joe's watching Shane unload a six-shooter."
Jim Saxon | The 2014 Jimmy Awards

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