• The whole rack and shelves are constructed from Baltic Birch wood
  • The Audio Rack comes in three height sizes: 29",  36 ½" and 44 ½" foot print 25 1/8" x 25 1/4", shelves are W20"xL21"
  • Standard finishes include:  Ash quartered veneer 
  • All-natural oil,plant-based, VOC-free and completely non-toxic oil finish with durability. Has a subtle matte luster that reveals and complements, rather than covers, the natural grain and patina of the wood.
  • All metals are CNC machined from solid stock
  • Metals are polished and Anodized to a clear or black finish
  • The 2" Aluminum T6061 Rods are drilled to accommodate adjusting of shelves
  • Additional holes on the rods are closed by stainless steel button bolts to complete a finished look
  • ¾" Stainless steel T303 Shelf supports are used to thread into the 2" Aluminum Rod
  • The T303 Shelf supports are machined from beginning to end from one piece of stainless steel including its thread
  • Each shelf comes with 3 cones made from Delrin which have also been designed and CNC machined to isolate the shelf from the rack,   achieving a floating effect
  • Approximately 100lbs of audio gear can be supported on each shelf
  • The 3 Cones sit comfortably and effortlessly on the T303 Shelf supports.  They are not bolted
  • Isolation feet were designed and machined from Aluminum and Tellurium Copper
  • The feet have adjustable cones allowing for leveling of the rack
  • Top Caps above the aluminum rods are stationed to support the Krolo Top Platform




1. 29" height (3 shelf) $4,100 USDDownload Specs  
2. 36 ½" height (4 shelves) $5,400 USDDownload Specs  
3. 44 ½" height (4 shelves) $5,650 USDDownload Specs *opt. additional shelf $900




clear anodized aluminum or black anodized aluminum

Acrylic Top Platform add $1,500

                                                                                                                           TOP PLATFORM

  • Top Platform designed to support a turntable or any type of audio gear
  • Desiged to sit on top of the Tomo Wood Rack
  • Base is 3/8" aluminum T6061 anodized black with a 1" clear acrylic shelf with polished edges
  • Platform is supported by our Krolo Cones
  • Dimensions W24 1/2" x L 21 1/2"
  • Top Platform supports up to 250lbs.





Light Black


Intense Black

Pure Natural

Red Wine




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