TriangleArt Reference SE Turntable

The Reference SE is a step below the Ultimate LE but provides the same quality and depth. The same exquisite qualities are all present such as teh all-gold components, which result in a much more appealing, elegant and harmonious sonic quality imparting a sweet, refined texture to the playback.

The Reference SE is a massive turntable, weighing in at 275 pounds. It comes with a hefty solid composite metal platter 48 mm thick used to control and dampen all vibrations for better resonance. Non-inverted steel ball bearings support the heavy platter while still providing an intensely quiet and smooth as liquid performance. The jet-black background of this turtable reproduces every soft, inner detail with subtle micro and macro dynamics, presenting a tight and articulate bass while projecting a holographic image and a light, airy sound stage.



The embedded platter is made of a unique composite material, and is one of the largest in the marketplace. This 48 mm thick platter is implemented with new flywheel technology that controls its balance and vibration.



The 48 mm bearing runs on a thrust washer, and is made from stainless, hard shaft, steel with a alrge ground radius. This special material has a very low coefficient of friction and very high wear resistance, resulting in a long, maintenance-free life.



The heavy composite metal motor housing comes with a new interior AC to quietly drive that massive platter. With the inertia of the motor combined with the new design, it runs in complete silence. It also supports the platter to deliver consistent speeds - at either 33 RPM or 45 RPM.


Crystal Speed Controller:

The crystal digital controller - isolated power motor drive, designed for all turntables, employs a 115 volt AC motor to control the speed with precision and stabilize electrical power. The analog system is more friendly and convenient with the help of this controller. The simple touch on a switch provides the ease of speed, and the ability to control the change at will.



The Reference SE can be made in any colors as an option.



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