TriangleArt Zeus MC Cartridge

Thsi is the last piece of the puzzle to the TriangleArt adventure into the analog. The TriangleART Zeus MC Cartridge.

A very airy sound, plenty of macro and micro dynamics, but at the same time not at all sacrificing musicality. Bass is very tight, articulate, and plentiful, but not overbearing, and the mid-ranges will convey that sweetness that will capture the hearts of vocal aficionados with their favourite singers once again. With the micro-ridge stylus, the cartrige reveals all the details embedded in the grooves of the LP, releasing rich harmonics in each instrument, each airy note suspended in a deep, massive sound stage.

This cartridge will also easily conquer the difficult soft and low level passages as it deep black quet performance will allow all inner details of the music to be fleshed out, giving the listener a very involving and captivating experience.




  • Type: Moving Coil (Dynamic)
  • Output Voltage: 0.3mV (3.54cm/sec, 1KHz)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 50KHz
  • Channel Separation: 30 dB (1KHz)
  • Channel Balance: <0.5dB (1KHz)
  • Tracking Force: 2.0gr (20C - 25C)
  • Trackability: >70um/2.0gr
  • Compliance: 12 x 10-6 cm / dyne
  • Internal Impedance: 4 OHM
  • Load Impedance: >100 OHM
  • Coil Wire: 6N Copper with acryo
  • Cantilever Material: Boron solid / 0.28mm
  • Stylus: Micro-Ridge Solid Diamond
  • Contact Radius: 3um x 70um
  • Net Weight: 11gr


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