TriangleArt Turntables, Tone Arms, and Cartridges

TriangleART is a leading manufacturer of high-end audio turntables and analog playback systems. Years of passion, experimentation, and handcrafted work in precision engineering have led to timeless award-winning turntables that exceed all expectations.

One of the most noted highlights of what makes TriangleArt products so amazing, is the musicality that is produced with each turntable system. The harmonious sound reflects the precise care and engirneering of its manufacturer. Second is the overall build quality. Each element of the design was carefully crafted and engineered to precise specifications. The finished quality is superb and fits the style of any music enthusiast.

The turntables are statement pieces of audio equipment. Their overall design and look screams elegance, and teh sound they produce is of harmonious sonic quality that is considered a great value in high end audio.

Krolo Design is proud to provide these amazing pieces of sound equipment to the Canadian Marketplace. Check out our selection of products below:




TriangleArt Turntables


Ultimate LE

Reference SE


Symphony SE




TriangleArt Tone Arms

Osiris Tone Arm


TriangleArt Cartridges

Appollo MC Cartridge

Zeus MC Cartridge




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