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Vitus Audio's dedication and attention to detail has led them to design and manufacture some of the finest audio electronics handcrafted in Denmark. The mechanical design of the products is equally as pristine as the overall product design as they use no magnetic material for the chassis and only pure aluminum and stainless steel. The fit and finish of each product is evident with such attention to detail. Their internal components are built to produce the ultimate sound resulting in the creation of their own UI-Core transformer that took four years of development. This has resulted in bringing increased stability to the soundstage, stronger, deeper dynamics and control of demanding loundspeakers. The understated elegance of every Vitus Audio piece draws the listener even deeper into the music and pride of ownership.

Vitus Audio designs and manufactures world class audio gear that is high class in all three series. Reproducing natural life like musical sound is present in every piece of equipment that is elevated as someone chooses to go higher up to the next series. The material used and attention to fine details is very present as you move up the production line. The price point for each of the product lines is the next consideration as this becomes the variable in the overall pride of ownership.


Vitus Audio's Product Lines

All three lines offer the most natural music reproduction at its highest level. The Reference Series offers expressivity, emotion, and finesse. The Signature Series offers a true evolution in the world of high end. The Masterpiece Series is a cost no object product pursuing the ultimate in music reproduction and privilege of ownership. 



Vitus Audio Product Series


Reference Series

Signature Series

Masterpiece Series


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Vitus Audio



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